Before Any Improvements & Changes are Done to Your Lot/Home You MUST Have It Approved.

The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of the Creekside Place Association state that all improvements to all single family homes and lots must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee prior to changes being made. The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is appointed by the Board of Directors.

At the current time, the Architectural Review Committee is comprised of :

  • Michelle Adams


Steps to Take

  • A “Request for Home Improvement Approval Form” must be completed in its entirety and submitted to the: address indicated at the top of form.
  • All pertinent information such as plans, specifications, building permits, locations indicated on a copy of the survey, etc, should be included with the application.
    These forms are available from the management company or on-line. The ARC cannot respond to verbal requests for approval, all applications must be submitted in writing.
  • The ARC has thirty days from the date of receipt of an application in which to respond.
  • Should additional information is required by the ARC, the application process will be extended accordingly.
    Plans for the implementation of the proposed improvements should allow for the time required to complete the approval process.
  • If an application is not approved, the ARC will state in writing why approval was denied and what type of application(s) changes would alter that decision.
  • If an applicant wishes to discuss or appeal a decision made by the ARC Committee, the Designated Representative should be contacted. (At a specified number.)