Financial Documents

Financial Information

Unpaid Assessments are a shortfall in revenue for the Community, which means services normally paid for through the assessment collection process in some cases may be minimized in order to maintain the budget. Assessments are due no later than December 31st of each year. There will be no payment plans offered. As a reminder, interest shall accrue throughout the payment plan cycle.

For more information, please click here to review the HOA By-Laws.

Beside the cost of Trash Pickup, our Community has financial obligations in other areas. As a minimum, these are:

  • Water Service – to maintain the grass and trees our common areas.
  • Landscaping Services – to maintain the common areas and add beauty to our community.
  • Electricity – to provide sufficient lighting throughout the neighborhood for driving, safety of residents while walking at night, and deter crime.
  • Mosquito Control – to provide a healthy community, minimizing the threat of deadly St. Louis Encephalitis which there is no known treatment or cure.
  • Property Taxes for our common areas.
  • Liability and Property Insurance – to protect the membership from unforeseen lawsuits by others and help defray the cost of repair and/or replacement of association owned properties.  It is also a requirement of our HOA By-Laws to provide such coverage.
  • Maintenance and repair of all association owned properties.
  • Self-Managed Community Services – to assist and provide the association with administrative and fiscal services, and physical management. These services to name a few are: bookkeeping and accounting activities (collecting and redistributing assessment revenue to pay for other services rendered through check preparation and maintaining all checking and or money market accounts and balancing), property inspections to insure our covenants, deed restrictions and architectural guidelines are duly enforced, various Association correspondence, prepare, solicit and negotiate services contracts, and communications with any party regarding Association business.