Harris County Precinct 4, Office of Constable Mark Herman

6831 Cypresswood Drive, Spring, Texas 77379
(832) 927-6200

If you see any damages, vandalism, speeding, or other traffic violations ( e.g., running stop signs ), please call the Precinct 4 Constable!

​As a community we all need to be reporting issues that are happening. The more people who report the issues on a consistant basis, the more likely they will get resolved. e.g., vandalism and damages to playground, cement tables, flag theft, tagging, running stop signs, speeding through the neighborhood to miss the dowdell lights, etc.


If you are aware of a dangerous condition or a continual traffic violation problem, please report it. Please be a detailed as possible so that the constables may better be able to resolve the problem.

Vacation Watch Request​

Going out of town? Let the Harris County Constable’s Office know and they’ll make sure an eye is kept on your home. It’s free!

All you have to do is fill out the form. Harris County Constables will then periodically drive by your home to make sure no cars or people are at your home that shouldn’t be!

Departmental Headquarters

The following operations and services are available at this location:

  • Administrative Offices (281) 401-6205
  • Central and South Patrol Operations (281) 401-6200
  • Dispatch Operations (281) 376-3472
  • Evidence and Property Management (281) 401-6224
  • Human Resources (281) 401-6209
  • Public Finger Printing Services (281) 401-6200
    11AM-4PM Monday-Friday Only (Fee Schedule)
    (No longer printing applicants for CCH licenses – See DPS CCH Page)
  • Records Division (281) 401-6215 (Fee Schedule)
  • Technical Services Division (281) 401-6246
  • Internal Affairs and Applicant Processing (281) 401-6355

Public Dumpster

HOMEOWNERS ONLY: No Contractors, No Double Axle Tandem Trailers

The public dumpsters are furnished at the expense of taxpayers in an effort to reduce litter by providing a place for homeowners (only) to dispose of items not normally handled by their regular residential trash disposal service.

Spring Camp 14

4603 Spring Cypress Road, Spring, Texas
Monday-Saturday: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
(281) 353-8424

Public Dumpster User Agreement (PDF)