We will be having a Board meeting to discuss the following:

1) Board will vote on the following bids:
a) New landscaping and irrigation bids
b) Front entrance signage bids (including architecture, build, landscaping, and irrigation work)
c) Installing cameras at all community areas (park, swing set, playground)

2) Board will vote on the following By-Law amendments:
a) Annual meeting will be moved from April each to January each year
b) Perimeter fencing is the responsibility of the HOA (will amend and clarify fencing policy under Section 204.010(6) and (7) of the Property Code)
c) Terms of elected officials will be 1-, 2-, 3- year terms, as chosen by the elected board officials, in the first election of an entirely new board. Thereafter, elected officials will serve 2-year terms to maintain the staggered elections and continuity of the board.

**If you would like to discuss something at this meeting you will need to provide an agenda no later than 10 days from this day November 4th, you will have 2 minutes to discuss the said topic.
if there is not an agenda sent then it will not be discussed.

**Please be polite, non bashing, aggressive, or personally attacking in this meeting, if this happens you will be removed from the call. This will not be tolerated.

Please let us know if you know any of your neighbors who do not receive email updates as we have had many new folks move in the community in the last 6 months or so.

Here is our community website link to check on upcoming events or ARC requests or just have a question.

Topic: Open Board Meeting, November 20 @ 6:00 PM

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Meeting ID: 726 654 1410
Passcode: 000000